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No Mondays x Manifesting Hues

"Write Your Vision" Chakra Affirmation Pin (Collabo with Manifesting Hues)

"Write Your Vision" Chakra Affirmation Pin (Collabo with Manifesting Hues)

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Raise your vibration with the Chakra Affirmation Pin, a delightful collaboration with our pals at Manifesting Hues. This whimsical yet purposeful accessory serves as a reminder of your inner resilience and mindfulness, guiding you through each moment with intention. Ideal for spiritual seekers and wellness aficionados alike, it's a charming addition to your daily routine.

About Manifesting Hues

Manifesting Hues is a holistic haven that focuses on empowering BIPOC women through the transformative power of mindfulness, consciousness, and metaphysical practices. We offer a range of carefully curated tools, including coloring books, journals, affirmation decks, and workshop experiences, all designed to uplift and support BIPOC women on their journey to self-discovery and personal growth.

soft enamel/1.2 x1.2 inches/ 2 prong gold metal pin back
colours: gold/white/purple/blue/green/yellow/orange/red
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