Our Story

I started No Mondays as a means of catharsis.

I wanted to offer a tangible bit of brightness that would make us smile or laugh during tough times. I was talking to a pal about how to navigate an uncomfortable interaction and I said - “I wish you could just take me out of your purse, put me on your shoulder and have me whisper words of encouragement to help you get through it”.

So the idea has always been there - create and sell wearable art that offers playful and intentional pieces. Provide bits of joy, laughter and encouragement in the form of pins. 

This is not about whether we hate or love Mondays. This is about not letting the pressure that can come from a Monday consume us. We do not fear Mondays. We’re unbothered by them. No Mondays formed against us shall prosper. 


photos courtesy of The.View from Mars