What a Difference 2023 Makes

What a Difference 2023 Makes

We took a cue from the highly anticipated Spotify Wrapped release to reflect on the past year at No Mondays Pin Co.

525,600 Minutes

There were 52 Mondays in 2023. 

We’re happy to report that though some of those Mondays received bombastic side-eyes, none of them prospered. None of them got the better of us.

*in my Celie voice* - “...but dear God we’re still here! We’re here!”

Since we’re based in Toronto, Ontario, that meant 9 holiday Mondays. It could have been 10 but Canada has yet to make Lincoln Alexander Day a legal holiday. *steupse*

2023 Highlights

Our 2023 saw the formation of critical partnerships, and we also participated in some significant events.

  • Indoor Recess Sponsorship
    • Fresh off the heels of completing my certificate in Project Management, we got the opportunity to be a participating sponsor for a virtual conference, hosted by Crystal Richards and her team at Mindsparq. It was our first sponsorship, and our first formal glimpse into the PM world. We are grateful to have been part of such a vibrant and dynamic event, and look forward to collaborating with them in the future. 
  • Addie Rawr Gift Guide
    • Super thrilled to be included in our first gift guide. It’s been a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase our pins to a broader audience.
  • Fineline Accelerator (OCAD)
    • This was such an enriching, providing a platform to learn, grow, and further develop our brand. We look forward to continued growth with the Fineline Art Hub community. 

We're Just Getting Started

Over a year and growing…and we’re just getting started.

2024 promises more pins, more collaborations, and more opportunities to amplify the No Mondays Mindset. 

Thank You for Your Support!

None of this would be possible without your steadfast support. 

We give thanks to our Day Ones and to the enamel pin maker that we’re stoked to be a part of. We hope that in 2024, you’ll stay connected, tell your friends, and lean in to what we’ve got in store. 

That’s a wrap on the 2023 season! 


PS. Enjoy BOGO 50% through to December 1. Discount applied at checkout.

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