Introducing "Notes From a Shoulder Bestie". Comfort. Solutions. Pins.

In the world of No Mondays Pin Co, a "shoulder bestie" transcends the ordinary definition of friendship—it’s the person who communicates with you via memes, the ones you’ve known for years virtually but have yet to meet in person, the ones who get you gasping for air with laughter, and the ones you share smirks with during office zoom meetings. Years ago, while talking to a girlfriend about navigating an uncomfortable interaction she said - “I wish I could just take you out of my purse, put you on my shoulder and have me whisper words of encouragement to help you get through it”. 

The essence of a shoulder bestie lies in their ability to navigate the complexities of life with empathy and proactive problem solving. Whether it’s the pals who swoop into the comments, or the unwavering support of a friend declaring “We ride at dawn”, a shoulder bestie discerns the need for comfort, solutions, or a blend of both.

As we wrap up the year and reflect on the No Mondays Mindset, our blog undergoes a transformative shift, evolving from the once-known "Beam" to the heart-center of No Mondays Pin Co.

Introducing "Notes from a Shoulder Bestie." Within these digital pages, we invite you to join us in exploring the symbiotic relationship between reassurance, strategic thinking, and the practice of adulting. And of course, we'll discuss our love of pins - both in house and throughout the community. It's a space where comfort, solutions, and our passion for pins converge.

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