No Mondays: A Pin Company Rooted in Resilience and Joy

No Mondays: A Pin Company Rooted in Resilience and Joy

In the quiet moments of our lives, we often find unexpected sources of wisdom and inspiration. For me, that source was my paternal grandfather, a towering figure at 6ft, whose life journey was marked by adversity and resilience. His story laid the foundation for what would become No Mondays Pin Company - a brand that believes in conquering life's challenges with a mindset that thrives, especially on typically challenging days like Mondays.

As I reflect on those early days, I can't help but recall the mornings when my grandfather's Jamaican baritone voice would fill our family home. His daily ritual began with a simple mantra that touched the hearts of everyone around him:

"Sing a likkle song in the morning,
Sing a likkle song all day.
Sing a likkle song when things go wrong,
It will dry your tears away."

And then, with a contagious enthusiasm, he would conclude, "Singing - back to normal! Back to normal!" Those words were more than just lyrics; they were a soothing balm against the physical challenges that life had thrown his way.

My grandfather's ritual was a testament to the power of intention setting and self-soothing. It was one of the first life lessons I absorbed as a child, a lesson that would later shape my approach to adulthood and the dreaded workweek, particularly Mondays. It taught me to ground myself, to stand tall in the face of adversity, and to wrap myself in bits of brightness. So I decided to put a spin on on a sacred promise: "No Mondays formed against us shall prosper."

For all of us who have had to endure jobs longer than we desired, who struggled to adapt to new routines, who felt like Mondays reveled in pranks involving mysteriously silent alarms, lost keys, unnecessary meetings, or the unrelenting delays of public transit, this message is for you. Whether it's the Monday of all Mondays or a Thursday that seems intent on masquerading as a Monday, hold tight—we've got your back.

No Mondays is more than a brand; it's a vibe—a way of approaching life with unshakeable resilience and unbridled joy. We don't fear Mondays; we're unbothered by them. No Mondays is that invisible bestie we carry with us, whispering or shouting words of encouragement, laughter, and comfort precisely when we need them most.

No Mondays Pin Company is more than just a pin company; it's a social experiment wrapped in goodness. It's about celebrating not only ourselves but also the people around us. It's about making a joyful noise, lifting each other up, and reminding ourselves that no Mondays, no matter how daunting, can hold us back.

So, here's to resilience, here's to joy, and here's to the beautiful journey that led to the birth of No Mondays Pin Company. 


photo by The.View from Mars 

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