Stay Connected with No Mondays

As I write this message, the number of unread emails in my personal inbox reads 6729. I’ve had this email address for almost 4 years.  In that time I’ve subscribed to allll of the things. I subscribe to emails to stay in the know with some of my favourite brands, to participate in giveaways, to keep up to date on current events - in short - to be notified by alllll the people about alllll the things.

I understand the value of staying connected, but 6K+ unread emails is enough to tell me to stop,  unsubscribe, read, remove and declutter that which does not serve me and bring me joy.

When we built the No Mondays website, we were prompted to set up a subscription section. ECommerce subject matter experts tell us that subscriptions generate sales, and since this little project of mine is something I’d like to grow and flourish, I suppose that I should heed their advice. But…not just yet. I’m going with my gut here. My gut doesn’t pay the bills, but I hope that it will help develop an authentic relationship with those who want to hear what we at No Mondays have to say. 

So let’s stay connected. Follow and interact with us on our socials, shoot us an email with an inquiry, find us at pop-ups and in-person marketplaces (don’t forget to say hello!)

In the meantime (if it’s alright with you) -  tell your friends to tell their friends, so that we can be friends 😜.

I’m off to clear out my inbox!

Be well, 


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