Murphy's Law vs. No Mondays

It's Monday morning, and it's time to get ready for work/school/life.

I set multiple alarms to help coax me out of bed throughout the week - particularly on Mondays.

Ah the cold months. The time when our bodies have to adjust to lack of light and heat. The time when the very thought of braving the elements to commute to the office, makes it  hard to get out of bed in the morning.

For many, waking up early on a Monday is like being thrust into a pit of despair, because everything is difficult for them at this early stage of the point the week: waking up, getting dressed, commuting to work, dealing with traffic or public transportation (if you're lucky enough to have one).

Murphy's Law states that things will go wrong no matter what you do. Murphy's law applies to more than just your day-to-day life; it also applies to following your own advice. So if we start our mornings with positivity, Murphy's Law says something will happen and ruin the rest of our day. If we don't follow Murphy's Law, then maybe something bad won't happen? But then there's always a chance that something good will happen! We can't win!

So let's review: toxic positivity followed by terrible Monday blues or no toxic positivity followed by pleasant Monday blues? Murphy's Law says that Monday will still be awful no matter what you do. No matter how much power you think positivity has, Murphy's Law overrides it. So while I might feel slightly better about going to work knowing that someone told me to have an awesome day as I walk out the door, this optimism won't last very long when Murphy's law strikes. Murphy may be right about certain aspects of life but he doesn't dictate how someone should behave each weekday morning. He doesn't dictate how someone should handle their daily tasks before arriving at work, nor does he affect how they react once they arrive.

I say - Murphy’s law be damned.

No Mondays formed against us shall prosper. You've got this. We've got you. We'll figure out a way through this together. 

Be well, 


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