Dear Grandad: Reflections on the Frst Year of No Mondays Pin Co.

Dear Grandad,

It’s been a year since I launched this project called No Mondays Pin Co., and it’s time to peek from behind the curtain to speak continued life into this ethos that you helped to inspire.

  • There’s no place I’d rather be. We’ve got a good thing here and I dig being able to lean into my creative catharsis era.
  • This is not easy. I understand that growth never is but I hadn’t accounted for life happenings getting in the way of our progress. Like you though, this little pin company is resilient and we are here learning how to claim space and find our voice.
  • I appreciate that support manifests itself in a multitude of ways. The laughter, and the lolly are what I’m grateful for the most.

Miss you. Always. Promise.


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